A Long List of Safe Words (A.L.L.O.S.W),
book, graphic design w/Julie Héneault, edited by Tombolo Presses

is out

launch @ Espace Ness, Paris, December 14th, 6pm

A.L.L.O.S.W will also be featured during Offprint, Paris, 7 to 10 November 2019 with Tombolo Presses and Ness Books

‘’A.L.L.O.S.W is a compilation of texts, poems and stories, some of which have appeared in various exhibitions, as well as in a more personal fashion during the past few years. Its title is borrowed from an internet page dedicated to BDSM practices. These practices often feature a safe word, meant to be used by one of the participants to call action to an end, or to modify the act, allowing them to withdraw from the submissive situation they find themselves in.’’



Puberté 2, solo show, Ravisius Textor, Nevers
Quelqu’un d’autre t’aimera, group show, Minimarket, Biennale de Lyon (résonance)
Viville, text, online, CAC Bretigny
Salt Bath, text, online, Crèvecoeur gallery


Claire’s, solo show + booklaunch, Espace Ness, Paris, December 2019
Persona Everywhere, Group show, Le Lait, Albi, February 2020
Publication, Mars Project, collective book, edted by Media Naranjaa, 2020
Publication, I apologize #3, collective book edited by Aurelien Potier, 2020

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this song has always conjured for me the sensation of riding on the top of a car with my eyes closed on a muggy summer evening, revelling in the liberty and love of youth.