I wrote a book recently,
entitled A Long List of Safe Words

designed by Julie Héneault
and edited by Tombolo Presses
you can buy it here / here / here / here / here     ...

‘’- it’s mostly in french...’’

here’s a .pdf     to find out more about what I am doing

while downloading I suggest you to read : Viville (FR) / Cicity (EN)
published online by CAC Bretigny

you can also take a look there / or there

upcoming : Persona Everyware (group show, Le Lait, Albi, February 2020, curated by Anne Lou Vicente & Raphaël Brunel) / Mars Project (collective book, March 2020, by Media Naranjaa) / Residency (L’Opera, Arles, March 2020) / I Apologize #4 (publication, run by Aurélien Potier, April 2020) / Residency (Meet Factory, Prague, Summer 2020) / Gotham (I,II) (group show, Litost, Prague, September 2020, curated by Cedric Fauq)